Hi guys! Thank you for taking a moment and stopping by! Before starting I want to take a moment and thank Greta, Alberto, Martina, Alexa, Sofia, Laurinha and Giulia for the amazing support and feedback they’ve given me, it meant the world to me and I’m so glad to call you my friends!

Anyway, as mentioned in my short presentation traveling is my biggest passion and it is something that turns me into the happiest person on earth so this time around I’ve decided to share some of those feelings/emotions with all of you and hopefully spread some positivity around. 

Regarding the layout of the blog I’ve decided to divide it into 3 main sections: the English one, the Spanish one and the Italian one. This allows me to communicate with all my  Italian and non Italian friends, from Wes in Brazil to Ghadi in Saudi Arabia and of course my family. I am not a native English speaker so I apologize in advance for all the mistakes I’ll do, I’m constantly learning new things so feel free to correct me! 

 I’m currently on my way to Malaysia, I will be traveling around the country for 5 weeks covering both peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Malaysian Borneo, with a little and unexpected surprise in between these two amazing countries πŸ˜‰  and yes, I’m going solo again! Since I told my friends I was gonna be traveling solo to Myanmar back in September 2015 I’ve received a lot of different questions on the topic starting from “how do you do that?” “Aren’t you scared?” or “Isn’t it dangerous?”. I know lots of you are particularly interested on the “solo” aspect of my travels so as soon as I’m back from Malaysia I’ll explain what my thoughts on the topic are, how I prepared for my first solo trip and how my overall general experience was. In the meanwhile if you have any question leave it in the comment section down below or if you prefer send me a private email (cami.sas1994@gmail.com).  

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