Hiking and falling

From Kuala Lumpur I took the evening bus to Cameron Highlands and got there just before midnight. I spent two full days trekking and drinking tea. 

My first day was really relaxing, I slept in a little to recharge my batteries and then decided to hitchhike my way to a famous tea plantation, located 8km north from where I was. I actually love hitchhiking, I did it a couple of times in Myanmar (once with monks!!) and Cambodia. A man and his 10 year old son picked me up, unfortunately they didn’t speak any English and besides saying hello and thank you I don’t know anything else in Malay, so we spent a good 25 minutes staring at each other and smiling. Personally, I believe that if it is day and the people that pick you up have children or women in the car it is not dangerous to hitchhike. I think that it is an excellent way to become more in touch with another culture and their way of living (my mom will kill me 😂) .
They kindly left me right in front of the tea plantation, the road is a little above the tea field so the view from there is breathtaking, but since it is a touristy destination it was crowded with locals. People watching is one of my favorite activities to do when I’m on vacation and so far I can say that Malaysian people truly love their selfie sticks, taking selfies with strangers and when they go on holiday they take the whole family. I can’t even tell how many times now I was asked for pictures 😅

 I spent time walking around the plantation, it was bigger than I expected so I got a little lost. On my way back to the main road it started raining, and I’m not talking about a slight rain, I’m talking about a proper thunderstorm with lightening and everything. I was completely soaked and frozen, I must have look completely desperate and hopeless because a German lady an her daughter in a car stopped and pick me up before I could even stick my thumb out for a ride back to the main village. They were beyond nice. They explained to me that they were backpacking for 3 weeks around South East Asia. I finally got to use the German geography I learnt last year and those 4 German sentences my friend Alberto “patiently and nicely” thought me (fufunf Albi, funfun). They left me in front of my hostel, I had never been so happy to wear dry clothes before. In my room there was an English girl named Marcia, we started talking, she was sewing a pair of pants so I got the opportunity to learn how to sew. Needless to say, I’m really bad and almost ruined her clothes! Later on I was starving. I hadn’t had any lunch! I got the most amazing late lunch-early dinner ever banana leaf rice. I went to bed quite early because I knew the following day was going to be long.

The alarm clock was set for 7am, quick breakfast and then I started my first trek of the year. With a guide, a group of 5 people and myself we decided to go and see the biggest flower in the world, it was a 4.5 hours hike and the previous day had rained so you can imagine how bad the path was. 

Two hours into the hike my right ankle started itching, I tried to ignore the pain but at a certain point it was impossible I looked down and then I saw it: the first leech of the many I’ll get to experience the following days. I freaked out a little bit, but I’m not gone a lie, in a weird way it was awesome ahahahah.

 Once we got to the flower I was really excited, it was beautiful and colorful, but smelly, really smelly. 

On my way up to see the flower I was really proud of myself because I only fell once… On my way back I stopped counting my falls at the 15th ahahahah but I can now say that I’m not disgusted by dirt, mud or ants anymore 😅 I am probably the clumsiest person on the entire planet, but I really enjoy trekking so I simply learnt how to laugh at myself and use my hands to land. 

Back to the jeep we were all covered in mud. I wanted to wash my shoes in a river but I obviously fell in butt first 😅 after drying up a little bit we went and visit a hunters village where the old blow piping hunting technique is still used, it was a really interesting process, they use a large pipe in order to blow an arrow with poison on it and shoot the animals. The poison paralyzes the victim for 5 to 10 minutes this time frame allows the hunter to properly locate and kill the animal. On our way back to the city we stopped at one of the many strawberry farms in the region and I got some strawberries covered in chocolate, delicious! 

The weather wasn’t kind to us and it started raining again, at that time we were already sweaty, tired and hungry so we simply went back to the hostel and played cards against humanity until midnight 😂 

I really enjoyed my time in Cameron Highlands, it is a nice and quiet place with just one bar. Finally, I had some time for myself to just unplug from the city life and fully enjoy nature

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